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В тот же день, когда мне позвонили, я приехала домой и узнала свою принимающую организацию. Это ASSE. Та самая ASSE, про которую нелестно отзываются. В общем-то сначала я не очень обрадовалась, но сейчас мне норм. Хотя вообще хотелось, что-нибудь вроде AFS, AYA или American Councils. Но отзывы противоречивы, некоторым нравится. Да и главное не ПО, а семья. А вот ее правила:


Monthly Stipend: Stipend checks are sent once a month from the national office.

Participant arrival to host community: Host families and/or local area representatives meet students at their host communities. Post‑arrival orientations are held within 3 weeks after arrival.

Health Insurance: Claims are sent directly to the insurance company. Student should call their local Area Representative to find out about coverage.  Neither vision nor routine dental treatments are covered. 

Dental Insurance: Only emergency dental is covered (in general, to alleviate pain). No cosmetic and/or routine visits.

Student travel and visits to friends and family in the US: Students are not allowed any independent travel and/or any visits to friends and family in the US.. Students are allowed to participate in any travel done with their host families or an approved ASSE, church or community group tour.

Visits from natural family and friends: As visits by the natural parents early in the year may seriously jeopardize a participant’s success in the program, ASSE discourages parents or guardians from visiting their son or daughter.  If parents do visit, the visit may only occur after the last day of school and the ASSE Area Representative must be advised of the plans well in advance. You are not allowed to have friends or siblings visit during the program.

Driver’s education: Students may take driver's education and can drive an instructional vehicle with an authorized adult instructor only.

Diplomas: Some American schools will be able to issue diplomas to students who have fulfilled all course requirements; other schools simply will not.  Secondary School Exchange program participants must respect their school policy and agree not to demand a diploma from the schools.

Other:  Tattooing and body piercing are strictly prohibited during your stay.  

 http://flex-exchange.ru/stuff/prinimajushhie_organizacii/asse/2-1-0-6  Еще немного информации о ASSE

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